As a personal trainer, I encounter many people who are frazzled by the life they've created, orbiting their children at near light speed. They are miserable, physically worn down, and falling apart physically b/c they have not taken the time to take care of themselves.

It's a sad state that, in my experience, is epidemic in scale.

To me, what's happening is that these parents are giving their children what your article says not to personally pursue--a life of stuff and experiences they've been told is necessary.

My recommendations of backing off the "sacrifices" fall on deaf ears, or ears that hear but are afraid of being perceived as selfish or unloving.

I have long been a lover of history, and take a historical look at what's happening around me. As a child, some fifty years ago, I did not have the smorgasbord of programs, schools, workshops, camps, etc. that people shoehorn their children into at the cost of their own health, and I and my peers, well, we're all fine. Obviously, most, if not all, of those things and events are not necessary and in many ways they are in impediment to good living.

I want people to see that, if it's bad for them to fill every moment and pursue material stuff, it's not good for their children either and they should take a hard look at what current society "tells them" is necessary and good. .

Poet, Writer, Rock climber, Fitness Coach. I live in the present — breath by breath.

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