Some days
the deals you make fall through
and cost more than you spent.
Worse, the time is lost forever
in the yesterday where it went.

Some days
feel like fate uses auto-correct.
It guessed at what you said.
You tried to type “confidence”
but got “confinement” instead.

Some days
Your twitter feed is empty
and you’re feeling all alone.
No one hears your tweets;
your followers deaf as stones.

Some days
every friend you’ve made
has been put to sleep,
or maybe they’re broken,
since they were bought so cheap.

Some days
you slip too far and disappear
into a thousand scrolling feeds.
There are a million teeming choices,
but none truly hear your needs.

Some days
fall to the ground
onto rocks or into sand
where nothing living grows
like those dreams that once filled your hand.

Poet, Writer, Rock climber, Fitness Coach. I live in the present — breath by breath.

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